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In the late-morning hours of May 7, 1965, the S.S. Cedarville, a giant self-loading ore carrier, was attempting to work its way through dense fog in the Straits of Mackinac when it slammed into the Topdalsfjord, a Norwegian merchant ship. Fatally wounded, the Cedarville made a frantic last-ditch attempt to reach safety, only to fail and sink within less than a half-hour of the collision. Ten members of the ship's crew lost their lives.

 The Fatal Collision of the Cedarville, the thirteenth entry in Southport Video's library of notable shipwreck programs, recreates the Cedarville story from the ship's building in 1927 to its fateful final voyage, including stunning detailed accounts from two of the disaster's survivors. Packed with rare photographs and paintings, newspaper headlines, breathtaking bow-to-stern underwater footage, several in-depth interviews with experts on the shipwreck and even a new song composed exclusively for this program, this video is by far the most ambitious and complete account of one of the Great Lakes' more compelling stories.

 The Cedarville story has enough drama for a theatrical motion picture, complete with the air of mystery that always seems to accompany great shipwreck tales. There's the obvious question about how--in the age of radar and technology--two ships could collide in this manner. Then there are questions about the controversial decisions made by the Cedarville captain in the immediate aftermath of the collision. Why did he choose to try to ground the ship where he did, when there were closer locations nearby? Why did he never issue an abandon ship order, even when it was clear that the Cedarville was going to sink? These and other questions are explored in this video, which is both entertaining and informative for maritime enthusiasts young and old

Video Time: 60 Minutes

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