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The Demise of The Daniel J. Morrell

On November 29, 1966, while traveling on Lake Huron on its last voyage of the shipping season, the Daniel J. Morrell, caught in a terrible storm, broke in two and sank beneath the lake's icy waters, claiming 28 of its 29 officers and crew members. Amazingly, one crew member, clad on in under shorts and a peacoat, endured the tragedy, bobbing on a pontoon-style life raft for 36 hours until he was sighted and rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter. Now, in the eighth installment of its continuing series of historic shipwrecks, Southport Video is proud to present its comprehensive account of the Daniel J. Morrell, from the ship's construction in 1906 to its final journey six decades later. Rare photos, paintings, testimonials and stunning underwater footage, take you back to that fateful night when, in a matter of minutes, the ship was torn apart and sank.

Video Time: 45 Minutes 

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