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lighthouse video This Beautiful video offers spectacular views of Northern Michigan Lighthouses from the air, land and sea. The towering lights shine through the stormy night skies, warm sunsets and winter squalls. The flowing musical score reflects the seasonal moods of the Great Lakes.

The mystery and lore of lighthouse life is shared through the personal stories of several individuals. Lorraine Paris at the old Presque Isle Lighthouse tells of the "Spirit Light" which glows in her tower every night though all power lines were disconnected long ago. The Coast Guard investigated but has no explanation. Could the kind spirit of her late husband be respnsible?

Dan McGee of the New Presque Isle Lighthouse has a wealth of maritime gear and ship horns as well as historic tales of lighthouse life. Bernie Kamyzek and his family live in the 40-Mile Point Lighthouse. We hear about shipwrecks and see the remains of one of them. Pat Norton tells of childhood adventures growing up in the Littke Neebish Island Lighthouse, and Fran Platske performs her moving ballad of "We The Keeper's Kids".

These vivid recollections and the beauty of lighthouses combine with an unforgettable soundtrack in this visual journey along the rugged shores of the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Lighthouses
  • 1. Whitefish Point
  • 2. *Little Neebish Island
  • 3. Beaver Island
  • 4. Charlevoix
  • 5. Petoskey
  • 6. Mackinaw City
  • 7. Round Island
  • 8. Cheboygan
  • 9. *40-Mile Point
  • 10. *Old Presque Isle
  • 11. *New Presque Isle
  • 12. Middle Island
  • 13. Thunder Bay Island
  • 14. Sturgeon Point
*Feature Story

"Beautiful videography and music"

John Penrod
Lighthouse Photographer

54:00 minutes - 14 Lighthouses

Video Artist: Rand Shackelton
Musical Score: Wayne Richards
Cover Photo: John Penrodİ

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