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Wreck of The Car Ferry, Milwaukee

          Fall 1929 would go down in Great Lakes maritime history as one of the roughest seasons on record. At a time when the stock market was taking a plunge and the American economy was heading into its Great Depression, business interests on Lake Michigan were being battered by the furious forces of nature.
The S.S. Milwaukee, one of the lake's many victims, was a huge, sturdy car ferry that traveled regularly from Michigan to Wisconsin. Its skipper, Captain John "Heavy Weather" McKay, was known for his navigational abilities, especially in rough, unpredictable waters. Where other ships would falter in an unforgiving sea, McKay plowed on through.
          His luck ended in October 1929 when a fierce storm claimed McKay, the Milwaukee, and its crew in a disaster that has become legendary in Great Lakes history.
          Caught up in this Man vs. Nature drama. Southport Video recreates the story with numerous rare photographs, newspaper headlines and by using compelling footage of the wreck.
The third in a series of videos about Great Lakes ghost ships, The Wreck of the Car Ferry Milwaukee is a must for every maritime enthusiast.
Video Time: 45 Minutes 

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