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We've invested thousands of hours in research to bring this program to you. Also included in this NEW long awaited sequel is captivating underwater footage with two separate expeditions to the wreck site at a depth of 530 feet.
When the Edmund Fitzgerald, a gigantic and thoroughly modern ore carrier, sank in Lake Superior during a fierce storm in November 1975, one of the biggest mysteries in Great Lakes maritime history was born.
How had the 729-foot vessel, known for its rugged durability, and piloted by one of the most respected and experienced captains on the lakes, gone down without so much as a call for help? What tremendous forces were responsible for its disappearing so suddenly and without a trace? What, exactly happened on Lake Superior that fateful night?
Since there were no survivors of this terrible tragedy, numerous theories abound regarding what caused the ship to sink. This completely new second production, "Edmund Fitzgerald: Past and Present," has a wealth of new information and remarkable rare footage. While the1993's popular "The Mystery of the Edmund Fitzgerald" video concentrated on the Fitzgerald's history and final voyage, the sequel explains the theories with authoritative, in-depth interviews. It's a great companion video.
Edmund Fitzgerald: Past and Present boasts a wealth of exclusive interviews, rare photographs, beautiful paintings and original artwork, archival news clippings, computer graphics, stunning underwater footage taken from two separate dives to the wreck--even the ship-to-shore radio communication from the ship following the Fitzgerald--all enhancing a compelling narrative that offers a comprehensive account of this famous shipwreck. Also included are accounts of recent Fitzgerald activities, including the retrieval of one of its anchors, lost in the Detroit River in 1974, and details of a 1995 return to the wreck, during which an engraved bell replaced the ship's original.

A must have for any shipwreck library!
"Words cannot express the plethora of visual and educational
experience Southport tapes have captured."
- Thomas Mara, Chicago, Illinois

- Video Time: 60 Minutes

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