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Ghost Ships of the Isle Royale

Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes, has claimed over five hundred vessels in its maritime history. Some of the most intriguing of these shipwrecks are the ones that occurred around the Isle Royale, the largest freshwater island in the world.

Stories of the ship's fierce battles with the elements have been passed along for nearly a century. In recent years, divers have found the Isle Royale shipwrecks to be historical treasures.


Now, Southport Video takes you to the sites of three of the Isle Royale's best-known shipwrecks. Rare photographs, illustrations, and stunning underwater photography not only give you the history of these fabled ships; they actually take you on board the ships in their underwater graves.
As witness to history, you will hear the stories of:
The Chester A. Congdon, a 532-foot steamer was the largest and most expensive loss on the Great Lakes at the time of her sinking in 1918.

The Kamloops, a three-year-old package freighter that mysteriously disappeared in a storm and remained undiscovered for nearly 50 years.

The Emperor, an enormous bulk carrier that split in two and sank in 1947.
Southport Video explores the mysteries of these sunken vessels in this, its fourth installment on Great Lakes ghost ships. Essential viewing for enthusiasts of all ages.
Video Time: 60 Minutes

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