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Edmund Fitzgerald

The Mystery of The Edmund Fitzgerald

          You've heard the story of the ill-fated Edmund Fitzgerald, the 729-foot freighter that sank in a violent Lake Superior storm in November 1975. There has been no greater loss in Great Lakes history and very few disasters anywhere have captured the imaginations of marine enthusiasts in such a compelling fashion. Southport Video takes you to the site of the famous vessel's resting place. Compelling underwater footage of the wreck as it is today, and rare footage of her launch and sailing, combined with numerous rare photographs, beautiful artwork, computer animation, and exclusive expert testimonials, present the story of the Fitzgerald's colorful past and tragic demise. You'll see the Fitzgerald, resting in 530 feet of clear, cold water. You'll hear the theories on the mysteries of the ship's sinking. In short, you'll witness a larger-than-life piece of maritime history.
         No shipwreck library would be complete without this comprehensive, educational and historical program.

Video Time: 60 Minutes


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