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The Collision of The Andrea Doria

On the evening of July 25, 1956, the Andrea Doria, a huge Italian luxury liner bound for New York City, was rammed broadside by the Stockholm, a Swedish-American liner headed out to sea. What followed constitutes one of the most dramatic sea-rescues in modern maritime history. Ships, battling time and treacherous weather conditions, raced to the area to pick up passengers and crewmen aboard the Andrea Doria, which continued to roll onto its side and threatened to capsize at any moment. Eyewitnesses testimony, along with scores of rare photos, illustrations and computer animation, recreate the event as if it were happening now. Spectacular film footage shows the Andrea Doria as she slips beneath the waves. Stunning underwater footage takes you 255 feet beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Maritime historians and authorities discuss how the collision could have occurred in the first place. All told, this is the most complete telling of the Andrea Doria's story that you are likely to experience.

Video Time: 60 Minutes

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