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The Wreck of The Carl D. Bradley

No one believed it possible when word spread that the Carl D. Bradley, a gigantic limestone carrier with a storied history on the Great Lakes, had sunk in the teeth of a fierce November storm in 1958. Once the flagship of it's fleet, the Bradley had set numerous tonnage records, and for years had been the largest ship working on the lakes. Furthermore, she was considered virtually unsinkable.
The story of the Bradley is a haunting one. Nearing the end of a long journey that had seen her battling high winds and heavy seas, the Bradley broke in two, sinking within a matter of minutes--all within sight of a nearby ship that could only helplessly watch as the Bradley plunged to the bottom of Lake Michigan, claiming the lives of 33 of it's 35 crewmen, including it's captain.
This however, is only part of the story. In a truly amazing turn of events, two men survived and were rescued, after a night of clinging to a life raft pitched around in the stormy seas. The account of their survival, and of the heroic efforts made in bringing them to safety, is one of the most compelling stories in recent Great Lakes history.
In this, the tenth in its continuing series of historical shipwrecks, Southport Video returns to that fateful night, offering the most complete account to date of the grand history and tragic demise of the Carl D. Bradley--all told and enhanced by expert testimony, rare photographs and beautiful artwork, and even a new song composed exclusively for this video while moving eyewitness accounts recall the dramatic rescue of the Bradley's two survivors.
Essential viewing for any maritime enthusiast!

- Video Time: 60 Minutes

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