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In the early morning hours of September 8, 1860, the Lady Elgin, a beautiful side paddle steamship carrying more than four hundred passengers, was rammed by a schooner and sank in Lake Michigan. Nearly three hundred people perished. For over a half-century, it was the biggest disaster in Great Lakes history, and even today, it is second only to the Eastland for the greatest loss of life.

The Wreck of the Lady Elgin explores the complete history of this ill-fated vessel, from its building in 1851 to its demise nine years later. The story is compelling, from the account of bitter pre-Civil War politics that placed most of the passengers aboard the Elgin on her last journey, to the tale of almost superhuman rescue attempts by one Northeastern college student who, seeing survivors drifting offshore, plunged into the lake's stormy waters and single-handedly rescued eighteen people who otherwise would have been crushed into the rocks.

This story of tragedy and heroics, heartbreaking loss and exhilarating victory is enhanced by a large assortment of rare photographs and newspaper clippings, beautiful paintings, detailed accounts provided by Great Lakes historians, and even a song about the wreck, specially prepared for this volume. Riveting underwater footage takes you to the
wreckage of the Lady Elgin.

The Wreck of the Lady Elgin, the eleventh in Southport Video's series on noteworthy shipwrecks, is entertaining and informative--can't-miss viewing for maritime enthusiasts both young and old.

Video Time: 60 Minutes

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