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August 1, 1999 PRESS RELEASE 
A new digital movie, 
has been released by Keweenaw Video Productions of Houghton, Michigan. Produced by Don Hermanson the 45 minute program investigates the spectral incursions at four haunted Michigan Lighthouses: Big Bay Point and Whitefish Point on Lake Superior, Seul Choix Point Light on Lake Michigan and Old Presque Isle Light on Lake Huron. True stories of strange happenings, with the people that experienced them, and very rare video footage of actual apparitions is shown.

Don Hermanson said; "this is the most fun I've ever had on a project. I never believed in this ghost stuff before starting this project, but three such incidents actually happened to me during the making of this video. There are definitely spirits left in these old lighthouses."

Maritime historian Frederick Stonehouse, whose books "Haunted Lakes" and "Lighthouse Tales" are best sellers wrote the script and is the program host. His stories of ghosts and weird happenings from the four lights are brought to life in this video.

The most haunted lighthouse on the Great Lakes is the Seul Choix Point light, in fact, the whole area around the lighthouse is haunted. Spooky stuff has been going on around there for hundreds of years and now these incidents are recalled by area residents. Big Bay Point Lighthouse is the most haunted on Lake Superior and several ghostly sightings are recalled by the present Keepers, including Keeper William Priors gruesome suicide death by hanging. Is the Keepers ghost still "hanging around" the old lighthouse?

At Whitefish Point, a Light keepers granddaughter, Bertha Rollo, remembers her grandfathers fathers death and his ghostly appearance to say good-by. The mystery light at Old Presque Isle Lighthouse on Lake Huron appears for the cameras and the re-occurring event is told by Lorraine Parris who first discovered the unexplained phenomenon in 1992. These historical sightings are presented in a documentary style and may be viewed by any audience interested the supernatural. "True Lighthouse Hauntings" was sponsored by the Gulliver Historical Society and the VHS video may be purchased at the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse museum, select U.P. and northern Michigan gift shops or by mail order for 

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